To keep things pleasant for everyone, we have a few non-negotiable rules that all of our users should follow at all times whilst connected to our network.

  1. We have a strict NO TROLL policy. Any form of communication passing through our servers, deemed harassment or undesireable to other users, will result in your connection to our network (as well as services) being terminated without any prior warning.
  2. We allow for 4 concurrent connections from a single host/IP to our network. This is to allow multiple users (or a bot) to originate from a single NAT/proxy/gateway, and should not be used as a method of cloning oneself on the network. If you require more than 4 concurrent connections, you may request an exemption in our support channel (details below).
  3. We allow for bots/automata provided they do not interfere and/or disrupt our services, network, channels and users. Please make sure you add +B (this is case-sensitive) to your bot modes, so that they can be easily identified as a bot by others.
  4. Content deemed as spam, advertising of external services, excessive text (flooding), distributed attacks of any kind or the use of external proxy servers to evade prior channel/network bans will not be tolerated.
  5. Impersonation of a network service, staff member or official channel is strictly forbidden. Abuse of services and/or network infrastructure will result in your services (channels/nicknames) being suspended without any prior warning.
  6. Any activity and/or content deemed unlawful by local authorities will not be tolerated, and shall be escalated accordingly. This includes distribution of copyright material, child pornography and sensitive information that violates the privacy of others.
  7. We have a minimum age restriction of 16.

By connecting to our network, you are bound by the rules/policies as outlined above. If you do not agree with these, please disconnect now.

Note: IRC is an unmoderated medium. We explicitly disclaim responsibility and legal liability to any text and/or content that passes through our network, servers and/or channels.